Compass Consulting Services, LLC will conduct a diversity audit for the organization. Compass Consulting Services, LLC will review the various intricacies of the organization including (but not limited to):  assessing the make-up of the various constituencies, reviewing marketing strategies, recruitment and retention of employees etc.     

Compass Consulting Services, LLC will take a multi-methodology approach to conduct the audit.  At the conclusion of the audit, Compass Consulting Services, LLC will provide the organization with a full report, including recommendations for improving their diversity and inclusion initiatives within the organization.  This Audit will provide the information needed to create their Diversity Strategic Plan.

The creation or facilitation of the Diversity Plan by Compass Consulting Services, LLC, can be included if requested in the original scope of work.


  • Diversity audit criteria
  • Diversity audit
  • Diversity audit report with recommendations
  • Diversity Matrix

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